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Two converted British Muslims arrested for terror suspicions

Published: 01/07/2012 08:58:00 PM GMT
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London: The British Muslims, who converted to Islam, have been arrested by the London police on suspicion of their involvement in terror activities later this week.

By Farhan Iqbal

London: The British Muslims, who converted to Islam, have been arrested by the London police on suspicion of their involvement in terror activities later this week.

According to a British security official, London police have detained two British Muslim converts on suspicion of terror offenses on Thursday.

The security official revealed this on the condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to speak in public. However, he confirmed the detention of two British Muslims in London on suspicion of terror crimes.

When he was asked whether the arrests were made in connection to feared terror attacks in upcoming Olympic Games in London, he was unable to answer with surety. London Olympic Games are scheduled to kick off on July 27 and the London police are working aggressively to beef up security ahead of the games.

He commented, “This doesn't appear to be a big investigation but it's still early days.”

According to the Scotland Yard leaked information, the two were arrested from different locations in East London in early hours of Thursday. The yard only disclosed their ages without their names as one is of 18 years and the other is of 32 years.

A man who introduced himself as a friend of the detainees informed that the 18-year-old name is Jamal-ud-Din and the older man of 32 years, he knew him only as “Zakariya.”

Mizanur Rahman, 29, friend of the detainees, said, “The arrests might have had something to do with the fact that they recently went canoeing on the River Lee, a branch of which runs through the Olympic site in east London.”

He also informed that the pair also recently went for shooting with an air rifle in Essex, a largely suburban and rural county in east of London.

According to Rahman, there is nothing inappropriate or illegal in the activities which his friends did.

He said, “It's just people trying to get into the Olympic spirit and I believe that the authorities will try painting it as jihad training.”

The Intelligence officials have said that there has been an expected increase in communications among extremist groups but there are still no specific or credible threats targeting the London Olympics. The terror level is labeled substantial, a notch below severe. A substantial threat level indicates that an attack is a strong possibility.

The European security officials also informed media that they are keeping an eye on a Norwegian Muslim convert who went to Yemen for training and has become “operational” since then.

The European security services are on alert mode for long time and tracking the activities of Muslim converts who may be harmful.

Richard Reid, who tried to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight in 2001, was a convert. So, too, was Jermaine Lindsay, one of four suicide bombers in London's 2005 attacks. The coordinated bombings killed 52 people just one day after London won the bid for the Olympics.

In 2010, two German converts to Islam and two Turkish men were convicted over a foiled plot to attack US targets in Germany.

London Olympics Stadium under strict security of British Police